Year 12 Results 2016

Accessing your 2016 Results - VCE

Accessing your 2016 Results – VCE

Your VCE study scores, ATAR and VTAC Scaled Study Scores are available from Monday 12 December 2016. There are a number of ways to access them.

ONLINE: To view your results online, log on to using your VCE student number and Results Service PIN. The default Results Service PIN is the first four digits of your birthdate, however you are strongly encouraged to change this prior to the release of results (see below). Available from 7.00am 12/12/16

SMS: To get your results by SMS on the morning they are released, register by sending your VCE student number (without the letter) and PIN to 19 787 888 ($1.10 incl. GST). Registration is now open. You must have the bill payer’s permission to use this service. SMS helpdesk 1800 501 083. For more information, see Available from 7.00am 12/12/16

VTAC COURSE SEARCH APP: An update to the app will allow you to enter your VTAC ID and PIN to access 2016 ATAR and contributing scaled scores. This service will be available free of charge to all users of the app who have a VTAC account. The app can be purchased from Google Play or the Apple App Store for $1.49 (inc. GST). The updated version will be released in November, with existing users able to update free of charge. Available from 7.00am 12/12/16

POST: If you have applied for courses through VTAC this year and have paid your VTAC application fee you will be sent an ATAR statement in the mail. This will be sent to the postal address that you provided as part of your VTAC registration. Available from 14/12/16

Need help understanding your VCE results or ATAR? The Post Results and ATAR Service (PRAS) is a joint enquiry service provided by staff of both the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), who are responsible for your VCE results, and VTAC, who are responsible for the calculation of your ATAR. The PRAS service will be available for three days following the release of VCE results and ATAR.

Phone (03) 9032 1717 or the toll free number 1800 653 080