Work Experience 2016


This letter gives preliminary information about the work experience program. At University High School we run this program for all Year 10 students, except those under 15 years. Dates for the 2016 program are:-

Nov 28 – Dec 2

During October we have spent time with each Year 9 class helping students to explore occupations that relate to their interests, and getting them to decide on the type of job/workplace they would like to try for work experience. Work experience is an opportunity to learn about new experiences, situations and people, and should not be an extension of the students’ current part time job.

Students are strongly encouraged to find their own placements, and employers generally prefer that students approach them directly. We will assist students to write letters of application and resumes (samples can be found on the school website) to send to potential employers. Students have access to names and addresses of employers who have supported work experience in previous years. It is advisable to telephone employers before sending a letter, to ask if they will be taking students for work experience in 2016. Your own contacts (family and friends) and the Yellow Pages are also useful resources.

It is recommended that students write to or contact 5 or 6 different employers. Most schools run Year 10 work experience – finding a suitable placement can be very competitive and quotas fill quickly. Please ensure that letters are posted by early December. Students should keep a record of all workplaces that they have contacted. Employers may not give an immediate response and in some cases students may need to make a follow up call early next year. Students who do not manage to get a positive response will be assisted next year however it is expected that they make some effort to find their own placement.

Early next year you will receive further information, particularly regarding the documentation that must be completed prior to work experience. We seek your cooperation with this program, and if you have any questions or concerns about the work experience program, feel free to contact us.