Where can an Arts Degree take you?

There is often the debate about the value of an Arts Degree and what kind of role an Arts graduate could find in industry.  The list of roles is quite varied, and includes –


  • Teaching & educational administrationImage result for arts degree
  • International aid and trade agencies
  • Arts production and management
  • Public service and social welfare agencies
  • General management and administration (local and global)
  • Communications industry, publishing, media and public relations
  • Tourism and hospitality

One of the very important things for students to note, is that an Arts student learns skills that are very transferrable in industry.  These include communication skills, critical thinking and reading skills, analytical skills, and research skills – browse

Career FAQS – What to do with your Arts Degree        to learn more!

Monash University recently shared this YouTube video about a Career with a Bachelor of Arts