University of Melbourne

THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE – Many are aware that Melbourne operates on a different model from other Victorian universities. Students who study there start with a degree in either Agriculture, Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Environments, Fine Arts, Music, Oral health or Science. Once the initial degree is completed students can head into the workforce, do a professional qualification at masters level or complete a graduate research degree.

WHAT IS THE BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICINE? It is a three-year degree concerned with the processes and systems that create, sustain and threaten life. It offers 13 majors across biomedical disciplines and is a good choice if you want to enter health professions. Some of these are clinical audiology, dental surgery, medicine, nursing science, optometry, physiotherapy, social work and speech pathology. As with other degrees, it includes studying mandatory breadth subjects outside the Faculty. Major studies are determined during second year to commence in third year. Most graduates go on to study medicine, others to research in an Honours year, others into physiotherapy, Engineering (eg Bioengineering Systems), IT (eg Health Infomatics), Dentistry, etc. NOTE: Some choose to do a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne as a pathway into health degrees.