Some Things to consider when changing preferences

Change of Preference closes on Monday Dec 21 at noon.

Change of Preference provides a safety net if your VCE results are not what you expected, if your circumstances change or if you just change your mind.

NB – there is a lot of really useful information in today’s newspapers. Consider going to Information sessions that many tertiary institutes are running this week. Many institutes have Telephone Hotline services so you can ask questions (a list of all these events/phone numbers was sent via Compass last week)

Revisit your VTAC application –

  • It is possible to add courses, delete courses and reorder your preferences. Be careful not to remove a course that you want to reorder – you may not be able to put it back. However before adding anything new to your list, go to COURSESEARCH and check ‘prerequisites’ any ‘extra requirements’.
  • Check the list of new and cancelled courses on the VTAC website
  • List your preferences in the order in which you wish to accept them, not the order that you think you will be offered a place
  • If you are happy with your preferences as they are, there is no need to change them
  • Be careful – the ATARs published in the newspapers today are last years, so use as a guide only. The ATARs for this year do not get published until offers are released in January.
  • If your ATAR is slightly lower than what you needed to get into a course last year, you can still leave that course on your list and take a chance – ATARs sometimes come down, but no guarantees!!  However, ensure that most of your 12 preferences are comfortably within your ranking. Build in a safety net.

Ms Moylan is available to help anyone on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY this week. Best to ring and make an appointment or email any questions – 93420061 (direct to Careers Office)