PATHWAYS – Like other universities, RMIT offers pathway programs to help you reach your study and career ideas. You can often transfer from one program to another, with recognition of your existing skills and knowledge. More information see:

COMPUTER SCIENCE AND IT ANIMATION – Choosing the right computer science and IT degree depends on how your wires are connected. RMIT has launched a new animation that will inform you about the difference between computer science and information technology programs at RMIT. See:

SCIENCE IN THE CITY LAB TOURS – see RMIT’s laboratories and range of programs; When: 11am-2pm, Mon 21 Sept; See:

RMIT MEDICAL RADIATIONS SCHOLARSHIPS – The Department of Health (Victoria) is offering five scholarships of $10,000 in nuclear medicine. See:

NUCLEAR MEDICINE WORKPLACE VISITS –visit nuclear medicine departments that support the B. Applied Science (Medical Radiations) program. When/Where: 10am-12 noon, Thurs 24 & 25 Sept at St Vincent’s Hospital; 2-4pm, Thurs 24 & Fri 25 Sept at the Austin Hospital. Register: