Monash Uni News

CHANGES AT MONASH – Monash is offering a revitalised course portfolio. Popular double degrees are still available, and students can still commence specialist studies from first year. Go to to find out about all Monash courses and a full list of majors and specialis-ations. You can make course comparisons, and find the right course for you. For example, journalism is now offered as a major (eight units) or an extended major (12 units) within the Bachelor of Arts. This offers you the flexibility to structure your other Arts and non-Arts electives to suit your interests (eg a student can choose to do a second Arts major or minor, such as a language, or choose to take studies in a different discipline such as marketing or IT).

LANGUAGES AT MONASH – Monash offers a very comprehensive language program. Students can enter with no language background through to an advanced background. Languages can be studied in the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Global Studies, or students can complete a Diploma of Languages along with an undergraduate degree.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING – is now a specialisation in the Bachelor of Engineering.

HEALTH SCIENCES – The new B. Health Sciences is a parent course with four specialisationsemergency health, human services, public health and radiation sciences. For the first year and a half students will study three common units at the Caulfield campus, as well as an additional specialist unit completed at different campuses – emergency health at Peninsula, human services and public health at Caulfield, and radiation sciences at Clayton. NOTE: Social work is no longer offered as an undergraduate Monash course; those interested in Social Work are advised to study the B. Human Services followed by the Master of Social Work.

NUTRITION AND DIETETICS – As noted previously, the B. Nutrition and Dietetics is not offered for entry in 2016. Students interested in pursuing this career are advised to undertake the B. Nutrition Science, followed by the Master of Dietetics.

MONASH GUARANTEE – This ensures fair entry for students to Monash, promising a course offer or access to a reserved place for students who have experienced financial disadvantage, attend an under-represented school or are Indigenous Australian. See:

PATHWAYS TO MONASH – When applying through VTAC it’s wise to have a plan for if you don’t get your hoped-for ATAR. Some pathways to Monash are: the Diploma of Tertiary Study (DoTS), a one-year course allowing you to begin studying towards a Monash degree; the Diploma of Higher Education (DoHE) for students wanting to study science or science education but didn’t get the required ATAR. You will need an ATAR of at least 50 for DoTS and 65 for DoHE (also complete an online supplementary form). See: