Latrobe University – Aspire Program

Aspire – Early Admissions Program at La Trobe

The Aspire program is aimed at recognising students who are or actively involved in the positive impact of community service and non-academic school commitments, such as leadership, sport or cultural activities. Applicants for this program will be assessed on these criteria and not just ATAR scores. The assessment criteria will include –


  • A recommendation by the Principal (or their nominee)
  • A written statement where the student indicates the activities they have been involved in, the impact these activities have had on their community, and how regularly they participated

Types of volunteering include

  • community service or community group activities
  • religious/cultural group activities
  • participating in social justice groups or a school leadership role
  • being involved in sport, the performing arts or charity fund-raising group activities



Key dates


Applications already open – 1 June 2015

Applications close – 31 August 2015

Notification of Outcome – from early September 2015


The Aspire Program is on offer across all La Trobe courses and campuses, and applicants will apply in June and receive conditional offers will be made by September and will be based on the assumption that the student meets the minimum ATAR of 50 with the exception of the following professional degree programs:


Audiology 70 Above 85
Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics 70 Above 89
Dentistry 97 Above 99
Dietetics 85 Above 93
Exercise Physiology 60 Above 77
Law 70 Above 90
Law Double Degrees 70 Above 90
Midwifery 70 Above 84
Nursing 60 Above 70
Occupational Therapy 70 Above 83
Oral Health Science 60 Above 79
Orthoptics 70 Above 88
Physiotherapy 90 Above 97
Podiatry 60 Above 70
Speech Pathology 85 Above 86

Interested Year 12 students can register now to receive regular program updates over the next few weeks by visiting ASPIRE