Interested in Fashion & Styling?

Interested in Fashion & Styling?

This information is for students in Years 11 and 12 looking to pursue a career in fashion.

The Stylist Short Course from the Melbourne School of Styling will give young women and men a behind-the-scenes, warts-and-all insight into what it takes to make styling their career.

Seasoned stylist Bianca Christoff will be sharing her insights, tips and learnings from her fifteen-year career during a two-day weekend intensive.

Forget snapping outfits on Instagram or pinning things to Pinterest. Students will get an introduction to the different facets that make up the styling industry – from the people behind-the-scenes to exactly what goes into making a product look perfect. But rather than just being an info-fest, students will also learn practical styling tips and will get hands-on, putting together their own styled look for a photo shoot.

The Stylist Short Course will cover fashion, food and interior styling for editorials and marketing. It will also include information on the realities of the industry, such as sourcing props on a tight budget, how to decipher a brief and working with clients.

It’s the perfect introduction for young women and men who are interested in exploring this field further.

The Stylist Short Course is running on 3rd and 4th October at Melbourne Polytechnic, Prahran.


More information can be found at and I encourage any students or their parents to get in touch with myself to find out more.