Engineering Degrees

Listed below are a number of engineering degrees offered at most universities in Victoria.  Students should note that unless otherwise indicated* all engineering degrees require at the very least English or EAL, and Maths: Mathematical Methods (CAS). Courses with an * also require Chemistry or Physics. For a comprehensive list of all courses, their prerequisites and double degrees on offer, visit VTAC


DEAKIN M – Melbourne W – Waurn Ponds Civil Civil engineering management, Computer-aided design (CAD), Construction, Engineering (civil), Engineering (fluid), Engineering design, Geotechnical engineering, Materials engineering, Structural engineering, Transportation, Water resources engineering. 61.85 (W)
Electrical & Electronics Circuits and electronics, Computer-aided design (CAD), Control systems, Data communications, Electrical and electronic engineering and technology, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, PLC and SCADA, Power systems, Renewable energy, Smart distributions and transmission systems. n/a (M) n/a (W)
Mechanical Computer-aided design (CAD), Control systems, Engineering (fluid), Engineering (mechanical), Materials engineering, Mechanical design, Systems design. 65.25 (M) 62.70 (W)
Mechatronics Artificial intelligence, Automotive design, Circuits and electronics, Computer-aided design (CAD), Control systems, Data communications, Electrical and electronic engineering and technology, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Engineering (mechanical), Engineering (mechatronic), Mechanical design, Mechatronics design, Robotics. n/a (M) 60.50 (W)

M – Melbourne B – Bendigo

Civil Building (construction methods), Building (design), Building (technology), Construction, Construction management, Engineering, Engineering (civil), Environmental engineering management, Hydraulics and hydrology, Sustainability. 60.45 (M)

n/a (B)

Engineering Civil engineering, Design, Electronic engineering, Engineering, Mechanical engineering. 73.40 (M)

71.20 (B)


Cl – Clayton

Aerospace * Aerodynamics, Aeronautical, Aerospace Engineering, Avionics, Engineering. 91.30 (Cl)
Engineering * Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical and computer systems engineering, Engineering, Materials engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics engineering. 91.10 (Cl)
Environmental * Engineering, Environmental engineering. n/a (Cl)
Mining * Engineering, Mining engineering. n/a (Cl)
Software * Engineering, Software engineering. 88.20 (Cl)

C – City C/B – City & Bundoora






















C – City C/B – City & Bundoora


Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronics Advanced manufacturing processes, Advanced robotics, Automatic control systems, Autonomous systems, Design for assembly and automation, Embedded systems, Engineering computing, Engineering mechanics, Manufacturing systems, Manufacturing systems modelling, Mechatronic design. 82.25 (C/B)
Aerospace Aerodynamics, Aerospace engineering, Aerospace maintenance, Aerospace science and spacecraft, Aircraft design, Aircraft systems, Aviation, Computer modelling, Mechanics (applied), Mechanics (flight), Mechanics (fluid), Mechanics (solids), Mechanics (structural). 90.10 (C/B)
Automotive Computer-aided engineering and design, Dynamics and control, Energy conservation and renewable energy, Engineering mathematics, Fluid mechanics, Industrial aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics, Mechanics of machines, Mechatronics, Solid mechanics and materials, Thermodynamics, Vehicle handling and control, Vehicle noise and vibration, Vehicle power system and vehicle body design. n/a (C/B)
Biomedical Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Circuit Theory, Electronics, Engineering biomechanics and biomaterials, Human physiology, Medical engineering and instrumentation, Physics, Programming, Signal processing. 85.65 (C)
Chemical * Chemical sciences, Environmental, Food science and biotechnology, Metallurgical, Petroleum, Rheology. 76.45 (C)
Civil & Infrastructure Civil engineering management, Computer modelling, Construction management, Engineering (civil), Engineering (environmental), Engineering (geoengineering), Engineering (structural analysis and design), Engineering (transport engineering), Irrigation and water management, Mechanics (structural), Project management, Risk analysis and management, Roads and road design, Software applications, Water quality management, Water resources engineering. 85.20 (C/B)
Computer & Network Computer and network security, Computer engineering, Computer networks, Embedded systems, Internet communications, Microprocessor, Microprocessor control systems, Mobile and cloud networks and computing, Multimedia engineering (audio), Multimedia engineering (image), Multimedia engineering (speech), Multimedia engineering (video signal processing), Network engineering, Network infrastructure design and performance, Network management, Signal and systems, Telecommunications (systems and networks), Wireless technologies. 73.00 (C)
Electrical Control systems, Electrical distribution, Electrical energy conversion, Electrical engineering, Electrical transmission, Industrial automation, Microprocessor control systems. 72.30 (C)
Electrical & Electronic Circuits and electronics, Communication systems, Computer engineering, Computer networks, Control systems, Digital and analogue electronics, Electrical systems, Electronic systems, Photonics, Signal processing, Wireless technologies. 72.15 (C)
Environmental Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Environmental analysis, Environmental engineering, Geology, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Infrastructure management, Land contamination, Pollution control, Process engineering, Sustainability, Transport engineering, Urban systems, Waste water treatment, Water engineering, Water management. 81.40 (C/B)
Mechanical Computer-aided engineering and design, Dynamics and control, Energy conservation and renewable energy, Engineering and society, Engineering mathematics, Fluid mechanics, Industrial aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics, Manufacturing, Mechanical design, Mechanics of machines, Mechatronics, Professional research project, Solid mechanics and materials, Thermodynamics. 84.05 (C/B)
Sustainable Systems Advanced life cycle and systems assessment, Chemistry fundamentals, Computer-aided design and engineering, Electrical energy systems, Intelligent transport systems, Manufacturing management, Mathematics, Professional research project, Renewable energy, Statistics, Sustainable energy systems, Sustainable engineering logistics systems, Sustainable transport systems, Systems engineering. n/a (C/B)
Software Engineering Algorithms and data structures, Artificial intelligence, Computer architecture, Computer operating systems, Database systems, Industrial collaboration and experience, Networks and data communications, Object-oriented design, Object-oriented modelling, Object-oriented programming, Object-oriented software engineering, Operating systems, Problem solving, Programming, Programming (C), Programming (Java), Project management, Software development, Software engineering, Software engineering practices. 82.00 (C)

H – Hawthorn
















R.C. – Range of Criteria used for selection

Civil Computer-aided engineering, Cost engineering, Design of building structures, Design of steel structures, Engineering management, Geotechnical engineering, Infrastructure design project, Project management, Road and transport engineering, Structural design low rise building, Structural mechanics, Sustainable design, Topographical engineering, Transport engineering, Urban water resources, Water and environmental engineering. 75.00+ (H)
Construction Civil engineering, Computer-aided engineering, Construction engineering, Construction law and contracts, Construction quality and practices, Cost engineering, Design of constructed structures, Design of temporary structures, Energy and motion, Engineering design, Engineering management, Geomechanics, Project and construction planning, Risk and due diligence, Road engineering, Structural mechanics. 75.00+ (H)
Electrical & Electronic Electrical and power, Software engineering, Telecommunications. 75.00+ (H)
Engineering (Professional) Civil engineering, Construction engineering, Electrical and power, Mechanical engineering, Product design engineering, Robotics and mechatronics, Software engineering, Telecommunications. 80.00+ (H)
Mechanical Control engineering, Control systems, Engineering management, Machine dynamics, Materials and manufacturing, Materials engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mechanical systems design, Mechanics of structures, Solid and fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics. 75.00+ (H)
Product Design Computer modelling and simulation, Computer-aided design (CAD), Design and culture, Design for manufacture, Design for social responsibility, Engineering management, Global design, Human factors, Innovative design methodology, Machine design, Mechanical systems design, Product design, Product innovation, Project development, Sustainable design. R.C.
Robotics & Mechatronics Computer-aided engineering (CAE), Control and automation, Control systems, Digital signal and image processing, Electronics, Engineering management, Machine dynamics and design, Mechatronics system design, Object oriented programming in C++, Project management, Robot system design, Robotic control, Structural mechanics. 75.00+ (H)

FP – Footscray Park
















# Engineering degrees at VU require any maths

Architectural # Architecture, Building (design), Building (technology), Building law and building practice, Computer-aided design, Construction, Design, Engineering, Engineering (architectural), Engineering (electrical), Engineering (mechanical), Environment and sustainability, Environmental comfort and life safety design, Green building design, Management, Sustainable building design. n/a (FP)
Civil # Computer-aided design, Construction, Construction management, Engineering (civil), Engineering (environmental), Engineering (structural analysis and design), Engineering (transport engineering), Geosciences, Hydraulics and hydrology, Land and water management, Management, Project management, Roads and road design, Sustainable development, Water resources engineering. n/a (FP)
Electrical & Electronic # Digital and analogue electronics, Electrical engineering management, Engineering (communication), Engineering (computer systems), Engineering (computer), Engineering (electrical generation), Engineering (electrical), Engineering (electronics), Engineering design, Microelectronics, Microprocessors, Telecommunications. n/a (FP)
Mechanical # Automotive design, Computer-aided design, Design (product development), Engineering, Engineering (manufacturing), Engineering (mechanical), Industrial engineering, Manufacturing management, Mechanical design, Mechanical engineering, Mechanics (fluid mechanics), Mechanics (solid mechanics), Production processes, Project management. n/a (FP)
Sports Engineering # Analogue and digital, Biomechanics and kinesiology, Biomedical systems, Biophysics, Computer applications, Electronic technology and instrumentation, Engineering (electronics), Engineering (mechanical), Engineering (mechatronic), Exercise science, Human movement, Laboratory instrumentation, Mechatronics, Medical biophysics, Microprocessors, Physics, Physiology, Software development, Systems software, Technical support, Technology. n/a (FP)