Defence University Sponsorship (DUS)

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Whilst studying for a job-relevant degree at your choice of accredited university, join the Australian Defence Force (ADF), have your fees paid for, earn a salary while you complete your degree, and walk straight into a great ADF role following graduation.

Being awarded a Defence University Scholarship (DUS) means that a student can apply for a role in the Navy, Army or Air Force while still studying for a degree at any accredited university in Australia; join their chosen Service, then concentrate on their studies, while enjoying a salary and many other benefits.
In return for being paid to complete their degree course and having the rest of their fees covered, students will be expected to serve in the Navy, Army or Air Force.  Typically, DUS recipients will be required to:

  • complete one to four weeks of training each year during university holidays, and
  • once they have graduated, DUS recipients will need to commit to full-time service for the number of years of university sponsorship plus one year (with a minimum of three years’ service).  So, if were sponsored for a 3-year degree, will owe 4-years of service.

For more information regarding the application process, the courses that qualify for sponsorship, and the roles university sponsorship can lead to, visit Defence University Sponsorship (DUS)

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