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Stunt Academy

Certainly not a job many students enquire about, but one that occasionally does get a mention!  The Good Universities Guide defines a stunt performer as someone who undertakes dangerous or difficult acts for the purpose of entertainment, including replacing film actors in dangerous scenes*.   These might include activities such as high-speed car chases, or jumping off buildings, or performing stunts on horses, boats, trucks and water skis.


Successful stunt performers must –

  • have quick reflexes and flexibility
  • have good eyesight (may be corrected)
  • have a sense of timing
  • be able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • be responsible attitude towards safety


*Good Universities Guide – Stunt Person

Australia has a Stunt Academy in Queensland, on the Gold Coast.  Watch an interesting YouTube clip on Stunt Performing at YouTube – Stunt Performing

Find out about its range of courses and training options by visiting Stunt Academy